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Dec 25 2013

August Alsina, Rich Homie Quan Fight : Who Was Feeling...

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August Alsina and Rich Homie Quan may not be the best of friends at the moment. The two rappers reportedly butted heads at a recent Christmas concert but what exactly went down is anybody's guess. According to reports, August wanted to get on stage at a Rich Homie concert and was denied. He then waited backstage for Rich Homie and a fight ensued. Some are saying that August knocked RHQ out but others are telling a different story.  So what exactly happened? Who knows. Only those who were present know and even they don't seem to know the exact details. Vlad TV says that there are a lot of conflicting reports as to what happened so for all anyone knows, maybe nothing at all happened. It's possible right? This incident supposedly happened before a fan was shot and killed at a Rich Homie Quan concert.  What do you think happened between Rich Homie and August Alsina?

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